FRIGOPACK will be your partner for your food processing needs, with different services:

  • Mixing and bagging of frozen and chilled ingredients
  • E-commerce
  • Co-packing / fulfillment
  • 45,000 ft2 storage
  • FDA, USDA certified facility


Our USDA inspected and approved facilities allow you to benefit from the storage, blending and packing services that we offer.

  • Frozen fruit, vegetable, protein, blending and packing
  • Vertical form fill seal bagging

Depending on your needs, we also offer private labeling for your goods.


We offer a wide range of services to adapt to your specific fulfillment needs. We can build the insulated cases and load it with your product, dry ice and your assortment of flyers.

Each case is sealed and a direct customer label is applied to the box so it can be taken care of by the expedite carrier of your choice.
We handle dry, cooler and freezer orders.

We are conveniently located near the Newark airport, a major hub in the north east, to guaranty a faster delivery and the proximity to a big portion of your customers.


As we are FDA and USDA approved, we can expose your sensitive food product and repackage it into another configuration, smaller or bigger. We can bring several packaging together in a bundle. We can also load your trays in the folding cartons of your choice to adapt to the configuration your needs.


In our refrigerated facility we are able to relabel, add stickers or apply coupons to your already packed products. If you need to correct a packaging problem with a sticker, we can help you.