Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) & Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

After the tragic events of 9/11, the aviation security community created the Transportation Security Administration or TSA, tasked with protecting our nation’s lanes for trade and commerce, specifically to create federal aviation guidelines directed at reducing risk and terrorism prevention.

As of October 9, 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration in accordance with 14 CFR 109.5(d)(3) has determined that this emergency situation requires immediate action with respect to safety in air transportation or air commerce that makes the review and comment period impractical and contrary to the public interest. To assist in these measures, TSA created a program allowing specific companies that act as Indirect Air Carriers [IACs], following a TSA approved standard security program, to handle and screen cargo destined for transport on passenger aircraft.


To provide the most cost-effective supply chain logistics, we use a combination of cargo only aircraft and passenger aircraft to provide trade lanes to and from nearly any place in the world. TSA requires all Indirect Air Carriers to verify shipper information and history prior to shipping on passenger aircraft. This verification allows IACs to make shippers “known” to TSA. No cargo submitted by an “unknown” shipper is allowed to be offered for transport on passenger air craft.

Known Shipper Materials must be on file 7 days prior to shipment departure. Required documentation includes;

  • Standard Credit Application
    Verifies business transaction history and credibility.
  • Shipper Contract
    Gives IAC permission to screen freight in accordance with TSA regulations to verify no harmful substances or explosives are present in cargo destined for transport on passenger aircraft
  • Power of Attorney
    Provides authority to IAC to edit and handle freight and logistics matters on behalf of shipper.

For shippers located in North America, a site visit must be conducted in person by the forwarding IAC and recorded using the manual KSMS form. Site visits must be conducted on a yearly basis to maintain Known Shipper Status.

Please review the following documents;

  • Terms and Conditions
    If you have not yet agreed to our Terms and Conditions, please review.
  • LIVE Seafood Waiver
    If you intend on shipping LIVE seafood, please review and submit via fax or email.